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Why Us

1.We're business-savvy technologists

We are highly focused on solutions which improve service quality and business performance. Besides using the latest technology, we also focus on the workflow and actual processes, digging hard to get to the actual root of the problem. The client projects return a higher ROI since Loginsoft solutions impact efficiency increasing customer satisfaction in several functional areas.

2.We aim at yielding bigger and better results

Loginsoft iterative development process means you see demonstrable deliverables early in the process. If changes are required, they're recognized early on and at far less cost, thereby lowering the risk factor dramatically.

Your project will enjoy better service, greater flexibility and a far more effective communication. Change management is more responsive as our teams are staffed by senior people, who are within reach at every possible step.

By the time you have completed negotiating and signed your contract with a brand-name solutions provider, you could have had the first prototype delivered with Loginsoft.

3.We design solutions with a low total cost of ownership.

Loginsoft can mastermind the right-sized solutions for your business. For faster development, we mix and match re-useable components, selecting only the proven and ‘best-of-breed’ technologies.

Applications are integrated with legacy systems in a variety of ways - open source programming, JAVA, XML or Web Services - to deliver what would be the lowest total cost of ownership solution available in the market.

Our goal is to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions that are easy to own and maintain over the life of the system.

4.We're people-savvy technologists too!

Loginsoft has a knack for understanding the ‘people’ side of technology. Our solutions offer high implementation success.

We always keep the end user at the top of our mind. Great care and sensitivity go into matching the requisite technology to the user community - even at the risk of recommending an embarrassingly ‘low-tech’ solution.

Success requires giving people a voice and sense of ownership in the change. We solicit input early, and as often as required. The result is faster adoption, lower training time, and happier users.